KIC-5 Author Schedule and Instructions

Arrangements have been made by Kluwer Academic to produce a book entitled 'Knowledge Intensive Design Tools' based on a selection of papers presented at the 5th  IFIP WG 5.2 workshop on Knowledge Intensive CAD held in Malta, July 2003. Please note that due to deadlines imposed by Kluwer Academic, the final camera ready paper in book chapter format should reach us in soft and hard copy format by 15th August 2003.
Production of Kluwer Acacemic  Camera-Ready 'Book Chapter'

Papers that have now been accepted for inclusion as a chapter in the book 'Knowledge Intensive Design Tools' being published by Kluwer Academic  will be only inlcuded if all the following criteria are taken into consideration.   It is the responsibility of authors to ensure that the following are actively taken into consideration to avoid disappointment later on of possibly having their paper  rejected.   If in doubt, please ask us immediately by sending an email to Philip J Farrugia on
  • Authors that were given feedback of how their paper should be improved should activley take the feedback provided  when preparing the final paper.

  • Papers should be prepared in Kluwer Academic's book chapter format.    In particular, authors should check:
      • that their paper is within the stipulated maximum number of pages 
      • fonts and font size
      • line & paragraph spacing
      • headers & footers
      • guidelines related to tables 
      • guidelines related to  figures
      • format of references 
      • format of bullet text
      • format of abstract, keywords and Paper Titles
  • Authors are to foward their Copy Right Transfer form by the above deadline when submitting their camera-read paper.
  • Included in the styles folder are style files for Latex and templates for MS Word and WordPerfect. These are available as self extracting executable (.EXE) or Zip. Non MS Windows users should use the zipped versions. Please consult the readme files included with each style-archive; if you still have questions please contact For formatting your paper for the KIC-5 book, please use the template if you are using MS-Word. It is recommended that you refer to the vbaKapChap.doc which is the documentation file explaining how to use this particular template.
  • For further assistance to prepare your camera-ready mauscript, Kluwer suggests using their Guidelines for Camera-Ready Manuscripts: guidelines.pdf 

                                         .... taken from Kluwer academic publishers